Tech Hero Mark Shuttleworth Launches New Software Aimed at Robbing South Africa’s 1%.

by Chat Bullock @chtbllock

Friday, September 21,2018

Mark Shuttleworth

The ANC blocked our software because we refused to sell it to them for $40M.

What will you do with an extra $2,500 per day?

Mark Shuttleworth is a multi-millionaire tech entrepreneur. Best known as the first South African in space and his millions donated to charities.

In his recent move to annoy the South African government, Mark has armed hundreds of thousands with his latest project Bitcoin Trader.

The African National Congress Is Furious

The Constitutional Court of South Africa, and South Africa's Reserve Bank have rushed to block Marks new project, worrying it may ‘bankrupt the government’.

But an independent report by SABC News found it may be too late already as thousands flock to use Bitcoin Trader and the government can do very little.

Now living in the United Kingdom, Mark seeks retribution for what he calls “A money hungry government, who doesn’t care about its people”

Citing the millions who live below the poverty line, and have the skills to earn cash but are held back by the lack of good opportunity and an oppressive government. While those in power and friends of the government profit from its citizen’s misery.

Mark points at as such examples like when former South African President Jacob Zuma decorated his home with a swimming pool, a new farm and extra guest bedrooms using taxpayers hard earned cash. Or when Jacob rewards his close friends with lucrative government contracts that turn them into millionaires.

They Stole From Him, Now He’s Going to Steal Back

Mark, as we know was hit with a huge $25 million tax for emigrating out of the country in 2015 and was branded a ‘traitor’ by those in power. The ANC stated “South Africa gave Mark his start and made him successful and deserved a piece of his fortune that he profited from while he was a South African citizen.

Angered by the crimes of his government and with his new freedoms of the United Kingdom, Mark developed Bitcoin Trader. A tool to be used against corrupt governments and those who profit from hard working Africans.

In an exclusive interview Mr. Shuttleworth had this to say

“In South Africa, you don't understand. There’s clearly one set of rules for some people and another set of rules for others, and this holds many capable Africans back. Most people don’t have the opportunity to make money, as they have very little money to begin with and because they’re too busy making other people rich, they don’t have the time to make themselves rich

“And, as most of the wealth is just stored away in stocks and bonds, waiting to be mined out, all you’ve got to do is trade to take it. This is where the government and their friends store their wealth. The problem is most people don’t know how to trade stocks and feel lost before they even begin. Being a software engineer I decided to make a platform that does all the trading for you, whether you have any experience or not, it does not matter. All you need is internet access and a desire to take action. The best part of it all is access and membership to the platform is free.”

Mark placed Bitcoin Trader into his close American friends hands Jerry Douglas, who creates Artificial Intelligence software for the likes of Elon Musk.

Since handing the software over to Jerry, he’s installed stronger features in Bitcoin Trader. Including the fully autonomous trading function that requires no trading experience to use. Simply click auto trade and the software springs to life.

This of course, is all thanks to the artificial intelligence that smartly makes the trades for you. It reads the stock market in real time and trades faster than any banker can.

The technology’s based on an idea called “Machine learning”, where machines learn to spot patterns. Jerry used all the information from every trade in the past decade and coded it into the Bitcoin Trader platform, allowing it to spot easy cash making opportunities.

Due to our limited knowledge of the new software and our overabundance of questions, we worked tirelessly to get an interview with Mark himself and the CEO of Bitcoin Trader, Jerry Douglas.

After a few short weeks, we were graciously provided the opportunity of a private interview and able to sit down in front of Mr. Douglas. He was willing to help us understand how the Bitcoin Trader software operates in greater detail and answer many of our outstanding questions


“Jerry, what is Mark's plan for Bitcoin Trader in South Africa?”

“It’s simple. Since we’ve given access to Bitcoin Trader for free to South Africa, hundreds of people have created their own wealth, instead of waiting, and relying on a corrupt government to do the right thing and make more opportunity for its people. Those that have accessed the platform have seen greater control over their lives, they’ve had the opportunity to move to bigger premises, they’ve purchased more security, and some have even emigrated.”

How will the Bitcoin Trader rob the 1%?

“Well unlike you and I, the 1% keep all their money stored away in the likes of stocks. This makes it inaccessible to the rest of the world. They do this because if you store $1M away you could expect to earn $70k in interest per year. But that money should really go to people and local economies to enrich everyone. They only way to redistribute this money is by trading stocks for it. Usually you’d need a broker and an analyst and as you can imagine they’re expensive. But now that technology is advanced enough, we can just let smart software do the trading for us. You can see why The African National Congress is scared of us right now.”

Bitcoin Trader sounds like an exciting piece of software. Why haven’t we heard of it before?

“Good question. The main reason is that we haven’t marketed or publicized that strongly up until now. For the past year, we’ve been running a beta version of Bitcoin Trader and we’ve only recently officially launched. We’ve ironed out all the problems in the software itself and we’re confident that we can deliver 95% accuracy or more at all times. We wanted to make sure we could hit that benchmark before going global with the product. We’re careful like that!”

There have been a few mentions of people consistently making tens of thousands on a weekly basis using the Bitcoin Trader. It sounds a bit too good to be true. Is it for real?

“Yes, absolutely it’s for real. Any kind of pioneering or Traderary technology has its skeptics. The fact of the matter is that the Bitcoin Trader has had real results. We’ve got thousands of users profiting daily from it. We’ve got top business professionals and politicians interested in it, all because the technology works. As more and more people try it and see the amazing results you can get, the skeptics will be silenced. Remember, there were skeptics who used to say that computers and the internet wouldn’t enhance people’s lives!” “Actually, come to think of it, if you’re still skeptical after this interview about the Bitcoin Trader, why don’t we set you up with a trial account and see how you feel about our product?”

There are a lot of other trading apps and software out there. What makes Bitcoin Trader different?

“Bitcoin Trader is different for a number of reasons. First off it uses cloud computing, in other words, it uses power and data from our thousands of subscribers to predict market trends. We also use the most advanced AI system available to analyze the data so quickly that we can place bets on the market at just the right time to maximize returns. That’s how we get that 95% accuracy and that will only improve over time as more people subscribe. So, yeah, we’re unique, there are no other trading apps or software systems that come close to the Bitcoin Trader.""

How much does a subscription to the Bitcoin Trader cost?

“Access and membership to the system is completely FREE, that was the vision that Mark refused to give up to protect the people of South Africa and the rest of world who is willing to benefit from the software. And on top of that great attribute we offer for the use of our system, for a limited time we are also offering new members a $250 sign up bonus to start trading with. It’s really the best time for users to get in on the action!”

After the interview, Douglas’s team demonstrated the software in action. We were shocked. After a small investment of $250, it actually resulted in profits of $2,853.91, in only 3 hours. Based on these initial results alone we can’t wait for the software to start its PR campaign. Douglas and his team have promised that we will be the first to know, so keep your eyes open.

Intern Adele Davis, 25

In order to provide some certainty to our readers we wanted to test the software out for ourselves without the help from Mr. Douglas and his team, to see if we were able to come up with similar like results just after our private interview. Our approach to execute this was to ask one of our intern students to volunteer and sign up with Bitcoin Trader, creating a real account.

The first step was fairly easy - she needed to fill in some details like name and email under a video that explained and demonstrated the software.

After the form was completed and submitted, she was taken to the Bitcoin Trader member’s page to complete her registration into the system. Everything seemed pretty easy thus far.

The next step was to fund the account. As we were navigating to the deposit page, Adele received a phone call from the Bitcoin Trader broker. It was her personal account manager wanting to assist her with any part of the process she may have questions about. With the help of the account manager, the funding process didn’t take long. Adele went ahead and deposited the minimum $250.

Once funded, we navigated to the “Auto Trade” section of the software, set the trade amount to the recommended $50 and enabled it. Bitcoin Trader started making winning trades automatically in front of our eyes. We left it active for a couple hours and once we came back, Adele already had $5,587.00 in her account.

We weren’t convinced quite yet, so in order to ensure Adele was able to access the funds, she requested a withdrawal of $2,500.00 to her bank account. The withdrawal process only took a few simple clicks and after about 30 minutes of waiting for her bank account to process the transaction, the money appeared in her account! At this point we all knew the potential for this system. This was as real as it gets!


Since the trial period, Adele has kept her account with Bitcoin Trader running and has pocketed a profit of over $25,000. She’s living the dream lifestyle that she thought it would take her years to achieve already at the age of 25.


There are still a few spots left to sign up for a free lifetime membership to Bitcoin Trader before they reach the 90% accuracy target.

At the last check, the accuracy was currently sitting at 89%. This means that there is probably only a day or two at most to get in and take advantage of the free lifetime offer and bonus $250.

Access Bitcoin Trader Here and Take Advantage of the Free Membership and First Time Funds!

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